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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Good news coming for Government Employees

Good news coming for Government Employees

The central and State Governments implemented a New Pension Scheme for those who joined service after 2004. According to the scheme, the employees who joined Government services after 2004 will not get any monetary benefits after their retirement.

All State Government Employees and Teachers opposed this strongly and are continuing to protest against it. They have demanded that the new scheme be scrapped and the Old Pension Scheme be implemented. The DMK had in its electoral promise announced that the Old Pension Scheme will be brought back. With the DMK Government under Stalin assuming power, they are eagerly expecting that their demands would be fulfilled under the new State Government.

At the same time the Tamilnadu Government is also seriously examining the possibilities. A committee has been formed to study the Old Pension Scheme and submit report. This has raised hopes that the Tamilnadu Government will revert to the Old Pension Scheme.

The State Government which is fulfilling the election promises stage by stage will undoubtedly will keep its promise on implementing the Old Pension Scheme. A good news would soon be announced for Government Employees and Teachers.