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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Government school teacher sets Guiness Record in neck tie tying feat

Government school teacher sets Guiness Record in neck tie tying feat

A teacher of a Government school in Yercaud has broken the previous Guinness record for the fastest neck tie tying feat at a Guinness World Records event held in Yercaud, Salem district.

Satish Raj, 36, from Devikapuram area of ​​Thiruvannamalai district works as a teacher in the Government School, Nallur, Yercaud. The Fastest Tie Tying Guinness World Record program was held recently at Yercaud Assembly Hall. Government doctors from Yercaud, Dr. Thomson and Dr. Priyadarsini were referees and private school sports coaches Pandian and Jayakumar were the official timekeepers.

Earlier in 2017  Deepak Sharma of Nagpur had tied his neck in 12.89 seconds and set a  Guinness World Record. Satish Raj tied the tie around his neck in 11.55 seconds and broke Deepak Sharma's Guinness record in the event held yesterday.

Speking about this achievement to reporters, Satish Raj, “ I tie my son's tie every day when he goes to school. My wife observed that I was tying his tie very fast. She gave the idea to make this a feat. After that, I have been practicing fast tie tying for the past three months. With this exercise I am happy that I could break Deepak Sharma ‘s Guinness World Record of 12.89 seconds in 2017 by setting the fast tie tying record in 11.55 seconds.  I attribute this feat to the idea and motivation given by my wife,” said Mr.Satish.