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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Governor R.N Ravi's  accusations and T.N  Government's refutations!

Governor R.N Ravi's accusations and T.N Government's refutations!

Governor R.N Ravi, who has a habit of making complaints consecutively against the Tamil Nadu government, has given an interview in support of the Chidambaram temple Dikshitars, which has caused a big controversy.
What did Governor RN Ravi say? According to an interview given by him, the Government officials of social welfare department have taken action against Dikshitars in Chidambaram Natarajar temple which is not under Hindu Religious Endowments Department in 2022. Complaints were filed against eight people that child marriages were taking place there. But there were no such marriages. That is not true.

The parents were arrested and imprisoned. Also, the sixth and seventh class girls were forcibly taken from their homes to the hospital and subjected to the 'two finger test' of virginity. Some of the girls tried to commit suicide due to these atrocities. I even wrote a letter to the Chief Minister asking for an explanation as to what this was all about. Now, the government is behind everything that happens. "Do you want me to appreciate this Government", the Governor began his interview with this question.
He had said this in an interview with the opposite question.

The allegation made by the Governor is very serious. This is not a general allegation. He should have collected the evidence and made the accusation based on that. On what basis did R,N Ravi a former IPS officer make this complaint?
The Tamil Nadu government has denied the governor's allegation with evidence. Tamil Nadu DGP Shailendra Babu has confirmed that the child marriage is true and the double finger test did not take place. Instead of saying in the interview that some people tried to commit suicide as if the governor was writing a hot news, Shailendra Babu gave a statement that no such thing happened. What explanation is the Governor R.N Ravi going to give to that?

Is it normal for the Director General of Police to say that the Governor has made false allegations against the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Nadu Police? Shouldn't Governor Ravi bow his head in shame and resign from his post? This is being talked about by people across the state. The fact remains that the Child marriage charge is 100 percent true. The child protection officer has found out about this. There have been complaints that Chidambaram Dikshits arranged 4 child marriages. The police have confirmed the child marriage by keeping the marriage register held in the early morning of January 25, 2021 at the marriage hall. But the police have also seized photographic evidence as they are likely to say that this is also a lie. Did the governor not know all this?

Let the governor's accusation be a lie filtered through thick blanket or let it not be so. But the accused is Tamil Nadu Governor R.N Ravi. The Tamil Nadu government has denied it. Governor R. N. Ravi is making a case among the people of Tamil Nadu. He must disclose evidence of his allegations. The Tamil Nadu government also has a duty to expose the truth to the people of the country. The truth with evidence should come to the people's forum. Will it come?