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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Governor R.N Ravi's controversial talk about Karl Marx

Governor R.N Ravi's controversial talk about Karl Marx

Governor R.N Ravi's talk about Karl Marx in a program held at Raj Bhavan three days ago has caused controversy. He said, ``India is divided into caste and race. Over the past 7 generations, we have not been able to eradicate poverty, hunger, ill health and lack of education.

 All this is due to following western culture and western way of thinking. That is why many people are still poor in India even after 75 years. Karl Marx wrote the essay to demolish the social thoughts of India. "Karl Marx's thought destroyed India," R. N Ravi said.

The intellectual world has accepted Karl Marx as the greatest philosopher of the millennium. The genius Karl Marx announced to the world the scientific fact that a humanistic society without class, caste, and religious differences can be established. Governor R.N Ravi, who is not aware of this, has said that the thought of Karl Marx has destroyed India, which shows the height of his ignorance.

The Tamil Nadu State Executive Committee of the Marxist Communist Party has decided to express its condemnation for defaming Marxism by protesting  against Governor by carrying a black flag wherever the governor goes. The party has warned that Governor Ravi should stop speaking maliciously.

Controversial speech

The Tamil Nadu Governor's controversial speech is nothing new. He used to identify himself by his controversial talks. He should inform and discipline the people of the state where he is the governor, and try to do good to the people by working together with the state government.

Don't waste time talking about Sanatana Dharma. It is better for R.N Ravi to immediately stop working to defaming world leaders and Tamil Nadu's dignitaries and posting on social media like a politician. Instead he should work on what is good for the country. It is unbecoming of a governor to show his presence by making controversial comments. Will the Governor R.N Ravi change his course? It is a known fact that he will never change. But let's blow the horn!