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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Governor Ravi...Give permission!

Governor Ravi...Give permission!

Nataraj, who was the DGP of Tamil Nadu in the previous AIADMK regime, was appointed as the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Government Selection Commission (TNBSC) after his retirement. It was expected that Sylendra Babu, who retired recently, would be appointed to the vacant post of TNPSC Chairman.

Accordingly, Sylendra Babu has been recommended for the TNPSC Chairman post along with names for 10 member posts. Governor R.N Ravi has withheld this list sent to him for a month without giving approval. Criticism arose that the governor did not approve even after answering the explanations sought. In this situation, the Governor has sent back all the recommendations, including the appointment of Sylendra Babu as the Chairman of TNPSC. He returned these appointments saying they were not in accordance with the Supreme Court guidelines.

Normally, it is said that the Governor's job is to sign and send the files that are duly selected and sent by the state government. However, since R.N Ravi was appointed as the Governor of Tamil Nadu, he has been following the stand of conflict with the Tamil Nadu government. No files are signed by him and sent. He is involved in the activities of putting it in storage and sending it back with some reason. 

The Governor has shelved more than 18 Bills passed by the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu. 
A few allegations were leveled against those who had already held the post of TNPSC chairman. Retired DGP Sylendrababu, who is currently being nominated for the post of chairman, was nominated by the Tamil Nadu government because he was known to be honest and on the basis of social justice, he should be appointed from a community from which no one has been appointed before. He was recommended for appointment on the basis of his meritorious service in the police force.

In what way is it justified for the Governor to oppose and ignore the appointment of such a person as TNPSC Chairman? The Governor's opposition to the government's decisions that benefit Tamil Nadu is tantamount to opposing the Tamils. People know that he acts as if he doesn't realize this. Boredom has arisen in the minds of the people that this has become a job for the governor.

Blindly rejecting all the decisions of the Tamil Nadu Government is not a good thing for the Governor; Not good for the country either. Realizing how its negative impact will reverberate, Governor R.N Ravi should give permission for Sylendrababu to become TNPSC Chairman.
This is the demand and expectation of the people of Tamil Nadu!