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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Governor’s obstructionism and Supreme Court's  reprimand spurring action

Governor’s obstructionism and Supreme Court's reprimand spurring action

R.N Ravi has been impeding the state government's programs ever since he became the governor of Tamil Nadu. Specifically, he is purposefully postponing the bills that the Legislative Assembly has enacted without giving them his approval.
The Tamil Nadu government called a special assembly and re-passed the ten legislations that the assembly had passed, despite the governor of Tamil Nadu returning the bills to the state government unapproved.
The Tamil Nadu government, meanwhile, filed a petition in the Supreme Court, claiming that the Governor had been holding up the passage of bills in the Assembly for a considerable amount of time without providing his consent. It became imperative to bring a lawsuit against the governor.
Governors cannot halt the passage of Assembly Bills.

 The Supreme Court seriously questioned Governor R.N Ravi's actions yesterday by allowing the bills to remain pending for three years. According to the central government's attorney, since 2020, the governor has signed 152 of the 180 bills sent to him. "Why are the state governors not giving approval until the state governments come to the Supreme Court?" the Chief Justice angrily said.
Governor R.N Ravi therefore has bowed down due to the filing of a case in the Supreme Court and calling a special session of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly to re-enact the bills he had sent back.
Just yesterday when the Supreme Court threw its displeasure at the Governor, the Governor’s office said that the Governor had approved the Tamil Nadu government's letter dated November 13 for the next stage of investigation in the corruption case against former ADMK ministers C.Vijayabaskar and P.V.Ramana. This was conveyed urgently.

Last year, the Tamil Nadu government sought approval from the Governor to investigate corruption cases against former ADMK ministers. The Governor, who had not given his approval for months, has now submitted to the case filed by the Tamil Nadu government in the Supreme Court and has given his approval on the 13th.Why didn't the Tamilnadu government notify the Supreme Court a week ago that the Governor had given his approval? It appears that he was unable to kick the habit of putting things off right away.Still, there is a glimmer of hope that the bills and files of the Tamil Nadu government would soon be approved by Governor RN Ravi. For that, the Supreme Court has provided the fertilizer.
Let's hope that in order to provide progress to Tamil Nadu, Governor R. N. Ravi will grow the sapling into a plant and then a tree.Allow the past to leave and allow positive things to occur!