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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Governor's open talk an incomprehensible puzzle?

Governor's open talk an incomprehensible puzzle?

Satyapal Malik is functioning as the Governor of Meghalaya since 2020.  Although Governors are appointed by the President, the Governors usually deal amicably with the Central government.

Governor Satya Pal Malik has been criticizing the Union Government led by Prime Minister Modi. He was talking in support of the protesting farmers in Delhi. There were also complaints that he criticized the Prime Minister as ``arrogant''.   Likewise, he criticized the ``Agnipath'' scheme as a misguided one. Army recruitment should be conducted according to the strict old practices he said.

This is clearly against the plans of the central government. Speaking openly Governor Satya Pal Malik, has become a talking point in political circles. Malik who had been habitually criticising the Centre and the Prime Minister has recently revealed information that has surprised all.

``If I stop speaking against the central government, it was hinted that I would be given the Vice Presidents post”he claimed.”I was hinted that responsibility would be given. But I did it. 
I speak what I think” he added. 

Meghalaya Governor’s raising the banner of revolt against the Union BJP Government has caused a stir.   After all this, how can Satya Pal Malik continue as governor?
In his case quite surprisingly neither the Prime Minister or Amit Shah have reacted. Even second line leaders of the BJP are silent.

What is the secret of silence even leaders do not open their mouths?
 Is this an unsolved puzzle?