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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Govt asked to provide breakfast to LKG students

Govt asked to provide breakfast to LKG students

TN Elementary Teachers Organisation Joint Action Committee (TETO JAC) leader Ramarani appealed to the government to extend morning breakfast scheme for LKG, UKG and 6th to 8th std students in the government schools.

She said that the teachers wholeheartedly welcome the scheme. But, unfortunately, the government arranged food for students studying 1 to 5th std only. In many government schools LKG and UKG classes were held. But such kids were not provided food. In middle schools, the students studying from 6th to 8th were not provided food. The sisters and brothers of the primary school students were studying in the same middle school. But they were denied food.  Above all, students taking noonmeal were alone given breakfast. So, students who didn't enrol under the noonmeal scheme, could suffer without breakfast. Above all, the students studying in the government aided schools were also denied food under the scheme. They are also belonging to poor families. Out of the taxpayers money alone, the government started breakfast scheme. So, it should extend the scheme to LKG, UKG, 6th to 8th std students and also in all government aided schools. 

She said the DMK poll manifesto promised to restore incentives for higher education qualification of teachers, old pension scheme and fill up all teachers posts, regularise part time teachers and give jobs to all TET qualified teachers. But it didn't fulfil the promises.

The government directed the parents and teachers associations and school management committees to fill up vacancies  of elementary, BT and PG Teachers by giving a wage of Rs 10000, 12000 and 15000 respectively. How can they teach effectively by getting a low pay. So, the union wanted filling up of posts on permanent basis. While the Ennum Ezhuthum scheme hit the studies of students much and teaching capacity of teachers, the government planned to bring Kannum Karuthum scheme for upper primary students. The union opposes both the schemes due to various shortfalls in it and wanted withdrawal of them. Such schemes indicate the government's preparedness to follow National Education Policy discreetly, depite opposing it openly, she rued.