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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Govt asks another AIIMS hospital for Kovai: Minister

Govt asks another AIIMS hospital for Kovai: Minister

TN government has asked the Centre to sanction an AIIMS hospital for Coimbatore, in addition to one sanctioned for Madurai, said Health Minister M Subramaniam.

He inaugurated varumun kappom medical camp and X- Ray vehicle at the Government Higher Secondary School, Madhukarai area, and declared open an health sub centre there. 

Later, he told newsmen the center has been constructed with the contribution of CSR funds at an estimated cost of Rs.27 lakhs. 

 In the last budget, it was announced that 1250 medical camps would be conducted per year with 17 to 20 specialized medical units under the Varumungappom scheme. 

 Accordingly, 1260 camps have been conducted in the last one year.  9,04,450 people have received medical benefits through these camps.

This year too medical camps are being conducted again under the scheme.  Accordingly, the 461st camp is being held today.  So far this year 4,29,049 people have received medical benefits.

The CM inaugurated 23 mobile vehicles equipped with X-ray equipment at an estimated cost of Rs.10.65 crore for 23 districts on 01.07.2022 at Nochi Kuppam, Chennai as part of the various measures taken by the government to achieve the goal of Tuberculosis Free Tamil Nadu by 2025.  

Also, in Tamil Nadu, the e-Visual Scheme has been operational for the past three months.  Under this state-of-the-art scheme, 1.25 lakh people have benefited from cataract surgery. Under this scheme, a target of 6 lakh beneficiaries has been set for cataract surgery per year.

  In the coming days, the tests for cataract surgery will be carried out under the Vramul Kaappom programme and the surgery will be done after those tests with state-of-the-art facilities.  This project has also been launched today.  Hundreds of people are participating in this camp and getting medical benefits.

Out of 136 announcements made by the department in the budget 18 announcements were made for Coimbatore district.  

Chief Minister's Medical Insurance Scheme is implemented in 1700 private and government hospitals.  1090 types of diseases are being treated. Rs 5 lakh worth medical benefit per family per year will be arranged through the insurance scheme. Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh for organ transplant and up-to Rs. 22 lakhs can be availed for heart, lung, liver, bone transplant surgery.

Medical insurance card was issued at one place in each district.  Presently the cards are being offered at two locations in Chennai.  If need be another enrolment center will be started in Coimbatore district.
Collector Dr GS Sameeran and many officials attended the function.