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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Govt rejects anti- LBP  modernization ryots' stand

Govt rejects anti- LBP modernization ryots' stand

The Government has categorically stated that it cannot accept the three primary demands made against the modernization of the Keelpavani irrigation canal (Lower Bavani Project LBP), said KV Ponnaiyan, coordinator, ryots associations in favour of modernization. 

He said Government letter from Sandeep Saxena, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu and Principal Secretary, Department of Water Resources ( No: 8685 S / 20214 Date 28/02/2022) has categorically rejected the stand of those who  opposed the modernization project.

The officer said the canal is designed as a left bank canal with only left bank irrigation.
Since it is a earthern canal, excess seepage has occurred over time in excess of the allowable leakage. Many people who have been using this seepage water for a long time are of the opinion that no canal repair work should be done with a view to protect the irrigation by using seepage water unauthorisedly.   If the seepage water is allowed in the interest of the illegal irrigators then the right of legal irrigators in the canal will be taken away in the course of time so the irrigation right of them would be snatched by illegal irrigators. This canal was designed to have only left bank irrigation at the time it was designed.  So, the claim of those on the right bank on irrigation rights in this canal is not acceptable.  The irrigation canal is designed to target irrigation for agricultural purposes only.  Therefore, it is not possible to use this canal  for drinking water resources or to augment the drinking water resources through lakes.

The above three important announcements indicated that the government did not accept misinformation spread several years that the ryots in right bank also have irrigation rights.  The objective of the Government of Tamil Nadu is to protect the right to irrigation of approved ayacut ryots only. That is very clear  in the report of the Government.

The panchayat leaders continued to misrepresent the purpose of the canal, claiming that the canal would be a source of drinking water and that the canal would be a source of drinking water.

Many panchayat leaders, without understanding the purpose of the canal, acted as if they had to modify an irrigation structure for their local interests. Their request is wrong that it is not acceptable as per the report.  The Government has stated in its report that the entire purpose of the canal is for irrigation. The report of the Government is a reply to those who filed the petitions against modernization project in the High Court.  So, hereafter, those who are opposing the project should stop confusing people by spreading misinformation about the modernization project, Ponnaiyan pleaded.