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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Govt urged to grant Rs 500 cr revolving fund to  Aavin

Govt urged to grant Rs 500 cr revolving fund to Aavin

TN milk producers union appealed to the government to grant Rs 500 cr as revolving fund for Aavin (TN Milk Producers Coop Federation).at state level to help it to settle its dues to the milk suppliers in time. In a petition to the government, the union state president AM Munusmy said the government reduced the price of Aavin milk by Rs 3 per litre, leading to a loss of Rs 300 cr for Aavin per year.

  Hence, the government should compensate the loss of the Aavin.Citing the steep rise in the price of cattle feed, fodder, cotton seed etc,  he wanted hike  in milk procurement price by Rs 10 per litre for cow (Rs 42) and buffalo milk (Rs 51) to help ryots meet the production cost. The price was last revised in 2019. Around 5 lakh families were supplying milk to the Aavin and 10 lakh families to private dairies. The quality of milk should be assessed at the primary societies instead of at the bulk milk coolers (BMC) as there is a vast difference on the the SNF and Fat data created at BMC and societies.

 So, the societies were suffering with loss. To set right the anomaly, the HC  gave a direction. But, the HC order was not yet adhered, he rued.  Though the milk production of the state is above 1.50 cr litre per day, Aavin's procurement is nearing 30 lakh litre only. Aavin's procure should be hiked to 1 crore litre per day.  Serious effort should be made to hike the procurement and sales by giving more commission to milk agents. As Aavin is a PSU representing lakhs of ryots, its interest should be protected. 

The wages of the staff of Coop primary milk societies and bulk milk coolers should be hiked by 50 Noonmeal scheme, increase the supply of milk to hospitals. It would help increase the  sales of Aavin by 10 lakh litre per day. Vaccination of cattle should be held periodically. Rearing of indigenous species of cattle should be promoted as the cattle of such milk is having more vitamins. 

The be given at 50 percent subsidized price to ryots and new cattle feed production units should be created at Keppalur (Madurai) and Ayanavaram (Chennai) to meet the needs of milk producer-members of the societies in TN,  he added.