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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Govt urged to include snake bite under Nammai Kakkum 48 scheme

Govt urged to include snake bite under Nammai Kakkum 48 scheme

Erode Manian Medical Centre head and specialist in treating snake bite cases 
Dr Senthilkumaran appealed to the CM MK Stalin to include snake bite cases under the Nammai Kakkum 48 scheme, introduced by him recently to give free treatment up-to Rs 1 lakh in road accident cases for 48 hours in government or private hospitals.

In the one day state level training programme for over 120 snake rescuers jointly organized by his hospital and University of Reading,  England, Prof Sakthivel Vayapuri, he said that  as per the WHO report, of nearly 3 lakh persons, who suffered with snake bites in every year in India, over 50000 died. They could be saved if they are given treatment within 1 hour of the bite.  In his hospital alone over 400 persons and in Erode GH 2800 got treatment last year. He said if the affected brought to hospital immediately, the cost of treatment could be less than Rs 10000. 

But, delay in intreatment could hit vital organs and also create permanent disability or death. The cost of treatment in such cases could be much high. Besides, only a few hospitals and experts in treating snake bite cases are available in the state.  He said he studied 2 year special course in treating snake bite cases in Lanka.

 So,  the Dr MGR Medical University should include special courses to treat snake bite cases to create more specialists in dealing snake bite cases. Of hundreds of species of snakes, kannadiviriyan, suruttaiviriyan, which could cause changes in the blood through their poison,  and nagapaambu and kattuviriyan which could cause changes in nervous system, are more poisonous. 

So,  immediate visit of affected persons of such snakes could help save their life. Through clinical symptoms itself, the doctors find the seriousness of the persons after snake bites and give treatment. But, the abovesaid 4 much poisonous snakes bit, blood and other tests are must. 

That's why, it is suggested to include snake bite also under Nammai Kakkum 48 scheme. Now,  lot of misconceptions prevailed among public about snakes and snake bites, which could also lead to deaths.  So, more awareness should be created among public on the issue. 

As an initial step, snake bite is included in the accident insurance scheme of Star health insurance company for a premium of Rs 472  per year for 1 year coverage. Today's workshop, supported by forest department and TNSCF,  helped over 120 volunteers, forest and fire service personnel, on how to catch snakes, which enter into houses,  factories and shops etc, carefully  and leave them safely in forest area. 

 In the training,  safety kits were also given to forest and fire service men to capture snakes, he said and wanted some sops to snake rescuers like free medical insurance scheme, distribution of safety kits and ID cards to them etc. Forest veterinarian Dr Ashokan, renowned snake rescuers Yuvaraj, and many resource persons spoke.