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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Govt urged to reconsider HC Order on sealing Private Hospital

Govt urged to reconsider HC Order on sealing Private Hospital

Doctors, nurses and many staff of a private hospital at Perundurai Road in Erode in front of the hospital against the HC order to seal the hospital for collecting the ovum of a minor girl many times for its IVF unit for commercial purpose. 

Last month,the Tamil Nadu government took action to seal the hospital in the ovum collection issue after 15 days and the joint director of health Premakumari sealed the scan machine in the hospital.  In this regard, the hospital approached the HC and it quashed government action and gave 12 weeks time to explain on the issue. So, the hospital was running as usual. 
In this situation, the 3-judge bench of the Madras High Court cancelled the order, issued by a single judge yesterday to remove the seal already placed by the government, in the appeal made by the Tamil Nadu government. 

It expressed displeasure over the earlier ruling. So, the doctors, nurses and staff working in Erode private hospital were shocked and more than 100 staff protested by sitting on the ground in front of the hospital, saying that the livelihood of all those working in the hospital would be severely affected due to the action taken by the government. This created much flutter there. 

The doctors said, 'The court should reconsider the order given now. The Chief Minister and the Minister of Public Welfare should take note of this,” they pleaded. 

IMA: Meanwhile,  IMA national vice president  Dr CN Raja also appealed to the government to reconsider its decision to seal the hospital which could hit the inpatients of the hospital much as they need continuous care. 
Shifting them to other hospitals would create problems to them,  he feared. ''if need be the government can take legal action on the hospital concerned instead of sealing the hospital which could affect patients much.'' he added.The joint director Premakumari said she didn't receive any order regarding sealing of the hospital after the court order. 

She would take action on the basis of government order regarding the issue, she added. In support of the agitating  hospital management, staff and doctors, over 200 private hospitals in Erode district struck work and  boycotted the outpatient treatment process on Saturday, as per the decision taken by Erode IMA. 
Over 500 doctors of the hospitals joined the strike. The hospitals, however, attended the needs of inpatients only. The doctors met at the Erode IMA office, Erode, at 11 am and discussed for one hour with IMA functionaries  on further course of action on the subject.