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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

GST levy and Merchants’ protest!

GST levy and Merchants’ protest!

The BJP Union Government has included food grains like rice and wheat within the scope of GST tax and levied 5 percent tax. 

Already, the prices of all essential food items have been hiked drastically due to the continuous increase in petrol and diesel prices, which has increased the cost of living.

In this scenario, imposing GST tax on food grains including rice and wheat is not acceptable in any way. By this the BJP Union Government is taking away the right to food and making the Food Security Act meaningless. 

Also, merchants' associations have taken up the struggle to condemn the deceitful act of encouraging corporate business by expelling those involved in food grain business and retail business.
“A nationwide demonstration will be held if the central government does not withdraw the tax on essential goods.

 We are going to announce the date for that. As the next step, we have decided to hold a massive hunger strike in Madurai,”Mr. Wickramaraja, State President of Tamil Nadu Merchants' Associations has warned adding that if the Union Government does not withdraw the GST tax even after that, we are determined to go to Delhi and fight.

Traders' struggle is justified. People are suffering from loss of purchasing power after corona virus pandemic. It will take some time for them to fully recover. Considering this, it is the request of not only the businessmen but also the people of the country to withdraw the GST tax on food grains including rice and wheat.
Will the Union Government listen?