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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Haier India awards Kinouchi 5-Star Heavy Duty Pro Air Conditioners

Haier India awards Kinouchi 5-Star Heavy Duty Pro Air Conditioners

Haier Appliances India, the global leader in home appliances and the World's Number 1 brand in major appliances for 14 consecutive years, has announced the exemplary performance of its Haier Kinouchi 5-Star Heavy Duty Pro air conditioners.

 The air conditioners have been awarded the 'Best Innovative Product of the Year', cooling rooms 20x faster and providing optimum cooling even at extreme temperatures.
Haier India's President, Satish NS, emphasized the company's commitment to providing high-end products that meet customers' needs in India. Haier has been expanding its product range in India, focusing on energy efficiency, durability, and convenience.

 Haier has produced over 1 million Frost Self-Clean air conditioners this summer, catering to the growing demand for energy-saving and self-cleaning air conditioners.
The Kinouchi Heavy-Duty Pro Air Conditioner series offers clean, fresh air with features like self-cleaning, anti-bacterial filters, 10 second supersonic cooling, and Intelli Convertible - 7 in 1. Equipped with Triple Inverter Plus Technology, these air conditioners deliver up to 65% energy savings. The patented inverse-balance cleaning technology allows for easy cleaning of the split air conditioner's evaporator, removing dirt and bacteria stored in fans and air ducts.