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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

HC sheds ray of hope for TN  fishermen

HC sheds ray of hope for TN fishermen

The Tamil Nadu government asked for a permanent solution to the fishermen problem but did not get it. Indian (Tamil Nadu) fishermen asked and failed to get it. Now the Madras High Court has asked.
In a case filed by the fishermen's association, the question raised by a bench comprising Chief Justice Gangapurwala and Justice Bharat Chakraborty has made the people of Tamil Nadu look back.
``The arrest of fishermen is a continuous phenomenon. Why the Union Government did not take action to prevent this?” was thequestion posed by the judges. It is the court that gives permanent solution to the unresolved problems of the Indian state. Now the High Court has taken up this issue. It has directed the Union & State Governments to give due explanation. Everything is in the hands of the Union Government. The explanation they are going to give should be a guiding beacon for the fishermen's lives.
The sharp questioning of the judges has created hope that the court itself will intervene and make the governments of India & Sri Lanka talk and bring a new dawn to the fishermen of Tamil Nadu.
Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi, who is a frequent visitor to Tamil Nadu, will be back in two weeks. At that time the Tamil Nadu fishermen issue should be brought to his attention by Tamil Nadu BJP leaders and made to talk about it.
It is enough to find a permanent solution to the problem of Tamilnadu fishermen in any way!