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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Heavy vehicles movement banned on Thimbam ghat road

Heavy vehicles movement banned on Thimbam ghat road

Forest Department refused entry of trucks carrying more than 16.2 tonnes of vehicles on Thimbam ghat road, in Sathy Tiger Reserve, as per the HC order by intercepting them at the Bannari check post.

The High Court on February 10 ordered ban on night traffic on Thimbam Hill Road.  The court on Wednesday dismissed the case filed by Satyamangalam former MLA Sundaram and the farmers' unions against the order. 

The road will be closed to public transportation from 9pm to 6am, and locals will be allowed to travel at night using a photo ID card, while vehicles weighing more than 16.2 tonnes will be banned and night time public transport of heavy vehicles will be banned.

Following this, the district administration directed the forest department to implement the court order and the lorries carrying heavy loads were stopped on the Thimbam hill road on Friday.  The Forest Department allows lorries weighing less than 16.2 tons at the Bannari check post.  The lorries are loaded at private weighing stations in Satyamangalam area and transported with the respective tickets.  

Some freight vehicles display the weight of the cargo on the purchase receipt.  Empty carts with 10 wheels are allowed.  Heavy vehicles were sent back to the Bannari check post.  Trucks with milk carts over 12 wheels have been returned. 

 The Forest Department is charging entrance fees for vehicles as usual.  The Forest Department said that the government buses have been banned from operating from Friday night as per the order of the  Court.