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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Heritage Jewellery show at Malabar  showroom

Heritage Jewellery show at Malabar showroom

An exclusive Heritage Jewellery  exhibition and sale of exquisite creations in  Diamonds is currently on at the Tirunelveli Showroom of Malabar Gold & Diamonds.The show is scheduled from March 4  to 12. Customers can avail special pricing for the ornaments on display. 

Ethnix handcrafted

The intricately crafted ornaments are creations of master craftsmen. Each piece illustrates their expertise and ingenious skills, justifying the theme of the show there is art in every jewel.The show features handpicked creations from Malabar Gold & Diamonds sub brands. The timeless elegance of exquisite sparkle from mine diamond jewellery, grand designs of era uncut diamond jewellery, traditional Indian designs, a reflection of our culture from divine Indian heritage jewellery, handcrafted designs in traditional richness from ethnix handcrafted jewellery, graceful collection with precious gemstones from precia, and attractive jewellery in cute designs, from starlet kids jewellery.