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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Hindu Munnani endorses PM's view on temples in TN

Hindu Munnani endorses PM's view on temples in TN

Hindu Munnani state president Kadeswara Subramaniam has endorsed PM's view that the temples in TN were exploited by the government.

Talking to newsmen here on Thursday, he said that the revenue of the temples in TN were misused by the government in many ways and its properties were exploited by partmen. The PM only reflected it. 

The HR and CE Minister Sekarbabu said that the Dravidian rule was safeguarding the Hindu religion. Let him clarify to public how temple revenue was being used by the government and how much temple properties were recovered after DMK came to power. We gave a long list of encroachment of temple properties. But, no action was taken. 

The Minister claimed that kumbabishekam was performed for 1000 temples. Let him clarify how much the government spent for it. The devotees alone bore the entire expenditure. We didn't object running of colleges and schools out of temple fund. But, courses related to spiritualism should be taught.

 We oppose partymen's domination in temples and entry fee being collected from devotees, so that only we want the government to play a supervisory role while handing over temple administration to pious, honest and good officials like retired IG Pon Manikkavel. Now the Churches and mosques were run by independent authoirities only and not by the agencies like HR&CE department. 

He said in other states, no temple entry fee was collected. But here even peak hour entry fee was fixed apart from normal entry fee of Rs 100 to 500. Even if the devotees come forward to conduct kumbabishekam, officials seek bribes to give permission. The fee for operating Golden chariot was also suddenly hiked in many temples. So, we oppose HR and CE department.

 In Erode, the High Court ordered the government to take over 12.66 acre encoached by CSI authorities. But the government didn't take action even after 3 months from judgement. So, they appealed against HC order in the SC. If similar judgement came against Hindus, the present rule could have taken immediate action, so that only we dubbed it as anti Hindus.

 In Chennimalai area, some persons came from outside erected a church and prayer hall disturbing peace in the area. They didn't get government permission for it. So, Iocals lodged complaint to the police. But, no action was taken.

 It culminated into an attack. Immediately, VCK and some parties staged stir in support of the Church. Some even spoke in the manner of converting the Chennimalai, abode of Lord Muruga, as Kalvari Hill. If the police took action in advance, this kind of problems could not have occurred. So, the Munnani would do a pooja in the Chennimalai Murugan temple  on Friday and stage a demo regarding the problem there, he added. Munnani state general secretary Kishore Kumar and district secretary Jagadeesan were present.