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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

If sea pirates are not controlled

If sea pirates are not controlled

The Sri Lankan pirates attacked the Vedaranyam fishermen in the middle of the sea with sickles, knives and iron rods. 800 kg of fishing net, navigation device, cell phone and fish were also taken away. The injured fishermen are being treated at the hospital.
The attack has been carried out in the Indian Ocean border area very close to Arukhatuthurai. It is condemnable that pirates are attacking within Indian territory. Attacks by Sri Lankan pirates on Tamil Nadu fishermen have increased recently. Sri Lankan pirates attacked the fishermen of Vedaranyam area in the same area at midnight on the 10th and looted the goods. The Sri Lankan pirates have launched their next attack even before the fear and anxiety caused by this has subsided. The fishermen of Nagai district who are affected by this fear to go to the sea to catch fish.

The central and state governments should no longer silently watch the continuous attacks and arrests of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sinhalese navy on the one hand and Sri Lankan pirates on the other.
If the silence continues, the encroachments of Tamil Nadu fishermen by pirates and Sinhalese soldiers will increase. This will pose a great threat to the sovereignty of India. The Indian Navy has the distinction of suppressing the Somali pirates who are considered to be the most feared pirates in the world. Compared to them the pirates of Sri Lanka are very ordinary. 
But the Indian government should never allow the piracy rampage. Our Navy and Coast Guard have a duty to protect Indian fishermen. The Anti-Piracy Act, which was introduced in Parliament in 2019 to take action against pirates operating in the waters adjacent to India, came into effect last January. Accordingly, sea pirates can be jailed for up to 14 years. Therefore, according to that law, the Central and State Governments should take steps to register cases against Sri Lankan pirates, arrest them and give them severe punishment.

Sri Lankan pirates should not attack Tamilnadu fishermen even once again. The Tamil Nadu government should put pressure on the central government to take strict action. If the pirates are not suppressed... what could be worse if they continue to attack again?