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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ignoring  women in  electoral politics

Ignoring women in electoral politics

The central government established a 33% reserve for females. This ensures that women have the chance to secure 33% of seats in both school and the workforce thanks to this. However, women's engagement in the election process is extremely low.
The 2024 Lok Sabha election emphasizes that political parties and the ruling parties have not stepped up to secure enough representation for women in electoral politics. 
874 men and 76 women are contesting in 39 constituencies in Tamil Nadu. 
Women's participation in Lok Sabha elections is 8 percent. 
This shows that the claim of equal rights for women is a mere slogan of political parties confined to political platforms. 
It is reported that not a single woman has contested in 6 constituencies.
Undoubtedly in North India, the number of women contesting in the Lok Sabha elections will be less than this, just like allocating seats to the SC and ST groups on the basis of reservation, if the voice of women's rights is to be raised in the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections, political parties should allocate seats for them. Only then will you get equal rights.
Seeman's Naam Tamilar Party is the only political party discussing women's rights that has given women a 50% spot on its list of candidates. 
Even if they do not contribute 50%, major parties like the BJP, DMK, and AIADMK should at least set aside 33% of their candidate lists for women in the upcoming elections!