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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Increase in milk price: Does the government control it?

Increase in milk price: Does the government control it?

Private companies have given a big shock to the public by raising the price of milk by Rs 4 per litres since yesterday.About 2.25 crore litres of milk is produced in Tamil Nadu every day. In this, the government's Aavin cooperative milk marketing organisation purchases about 38.26 lakh litres of milk.

 The remaining milk is procured by private companies from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The company sells 16.41 lakh litres of milk in packets every day. Private companies sell 1.25 crore litres of milk bags.
In Tamil Nadu, the daily production and sale of milk is only 16 per cent, while the contribution of private companies is 84 per cent.

The public and milk agents have demanded that the Tamil Nadu government intervene and immediately stop this arbitrary price hike announcement by private companies. Is this possible?  
In Tamil Nadu, the three types of  Aavin cow's milk are sold at Rs.40, Rs.44 and Rs.48 per litres respectively. 

Similar types of milk by private companies sell at Rs.54&-56, Rs.64&-66, Rs. 70&-72.Due to this, there is a risk of rising the price of milk-based food products. The government should have taken steps to stop the increase in private milk prices 5 times in 14 months. Fares are same in government and private buses. Similarly, the government should take action so that the price of milk remains the same.

By increasing Aavin's share of the milk market to 50% the rise in prices can be controlled only through measures like setting up of the Milk Price Regulatory Authority. The public can also control the private milk price by supporting the government to use the  Aavin milk.

Whatever steps are taken by the Tamil Nadu government, the people should be protected from the increase in the price of private milk. Tamil Nadu government should take necessary steps to regularize private milk price hike in the future at least!