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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

India's pivotal role in cotton consumption highlighted

India's pivotal role in cotton consumption highlighted

Cotton Council International (CCI) celebrated the annual Cotton Day in Coimbatore recently with a  seminar tying in the Indian cotton textile industry’s evolution with its U.S. cotton consumption. 

CCI Representative Peush Narang noted that India's pivotal role in global cotton consumption was central to the in-depth discussions on U.S. cotton’s trajectory within the global and Indian textile sectors. “U.S. cotton plays a critical role in India’s dynamic textile industry,” said CCI

Director of South Asia Will Bettendorf. “The high quality of U.S. cotton combined with innovation, responsible production and technology—which the U.S. cotton industry has pioneered—will influence the global and Indian textile industries’ future. U.S. cotton combined with the ingenuity of the Indian textile mills yields an excellent, sustainable and high-quality product for India’s leading export markets,” he said.

Cotton USA Solutions is one of the innovative programmes that differentiates U.S. cotton through data, service and intelligence. Its five business-building offerings show how using U.S. cotton can boost a mill’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. These state-of-the-art services are complimentary for mills that meet U.S. cotton purchase requirements and are members of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, a programme setting a new standard in sustainable cotton production. 

Supima President and CEO Marc Lewkowitz reinforced the U.S. industry’s dedication to responsible fibre production, noting that the Trust Protocol and Supima had collaborated to deliver supply chain traceability and provide access to farm-level, science-based data. He also premiered Supima’s AQReTM Project, a new platform to facilitate the real-time, credible and responsible sourcing of textiles made with Supima cotton.

“India is a key textile sector player making both apparel and home products,” Mr. Lewkowitz said. “Despite India’s extensive cotton production, there is a distinct value-added role for U.S. cotton to play. Direct meetings with our partners continue to support the deep ties between the two nations,” he added.