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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

India,world Leader in 2047:Gov

India,world Leader in 2047:Gov

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi said that India will lead the world when it celebrates the centenary of I- Day in 2047. He paid tribute to freedom fighter Theeran Chinnamalai at his memorial at Odanilai, near Erode, on his 217th memorial day on Wednesday. 

Later, addressing the function ot the Kongu Social Spiritual and Cultural Education Foundation programme at nearby Jayaramapurm, he said Theeran sacrificed his life for the country. We should not forget those who shed their blood for the country's liberation. This soil was rich in cultural ethoes and has trade relationship with Rome. Theeran fiught to protect it from Hyder Ali and British. As per the tradition of Chera, Chola, Pandya Dynasty, Theeran also struggled to protect Dharma and create intellectual society. Although the British tried to hide his history, through folk songs his history was written in the minds of the people.  That is why the Government of India honored him by issuing a commemorative stamp in 2015. 

 He fought for the country against the British and defeated the British many times. British has dreaded weapons like gun and gunpowder. He had only few weapons but he mobilized the local youths and made the British run away. He became a leader from masses. Lessons on his leadership should be included in textbooks and we can tell his strategy of how he defeated a huge army with a small army to our defense forces. As Chera Chola Pandyas,  he protected dharma and followed the ancient heritage of worshipping family deity. Even the ancient Tamil grammar book Tolkappiyam spoke about Dharma and referred the vedhas. 
Many literatures also spoke about vedhas citing Sanatana Dharma  which is the Soul of Bharat and is nothing else but considering ''entire World is one family, we all are brothers and sisters, God is present in all living beings." Such Sanatana Spiritual Dharma is called Vasudeva Kudumbakam. Emphasizing family-likeness is the principle of India. This is what we are conveying to the world while celebrating the 75th Independence Day. In 2047, India will be the best country in the world and it will lead the world to peace, spirituality and wisdom. Today the world is in various crises. People are living in a dangerous world full of countless problems like conflicts, wars and terrorism. But India never wanted war, it only wanted peace. During corona epidemic, India helped the world.  Even the countries that invented the vaccine were reluctant to give it to others.  But India produced a lot of medicine and supplied it to more than 150 countries. This is Vasudeva Kutumbakam, which means that the world is one family. This is what we call Sanatana Dharma. Once India was said to be a weak country full of poverty. Before 2014  there were 400 big start up companies. 
Now it rose to 75000  out of which more than 100 are working with an investment of more than Rs 8000 crore.  
We have become the 3rd largest economic power in the world next to China America and ours is the fastest growing economic power in the world. After independence medical facilities,  educational institution were less. There was a lot of poverty. Even though  more educational institutions and roads were built, there was illiteracy and lack of of access to villages. Many didn't have  electricity and poverty was not eradicated. The reason for this was the lack of balanced development.  But today balanced development 'inclusive growth for all' has been ensured. Poverty alleviation programs are implemented without discrimination. 1. 50 lakh PHCs have been created. 

Today no one is ready to say that we are a third world country.  This country is progressing well with the goal of achieving integrated development. Even during the Ukraine- Russia war, the world was waiting to see what India was going to say.  When India asked to send students to their countries,  the war stopped and students were sent to various countries including India. 

Our strength has increased to such an extent that we have become a great power in terms of economic prosperity and spirituality. We are building a great country according to the dream of Theeran Chinnamalai. It will lead the world in spiritual and economic prosperity and we will all work together to achieve this, he said. 
BJP state president K Annamalai, Santhalinga Marudachala Adigalar, Ramanandha Kumaragurupara Swamigal, Sadhu Shanmuga Adigalar, J Chinnamalai Krishnakumar and former IAS officer Raja P. Arumugam attended.