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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Industries need to have sustainability as key mantra for survival

Industries need to have sustainability as key mantra for survival

Industries need to prioritize sustainability for survival and a competitive edge in the global market, according to Hans Raj Verma, additional chief secretary and chairman and managing director of Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC). He highlighted that sustainable manufacturing is crucial for India's development and job creation for the youth. Verma stressed that without sustainability, companies are no longer competitive in the world market and MSMEs cannot be part of global supply chains.

To embed sustainability in every aspect of life, including self-help economies, energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and water and energy positive practices, the country needs to be a self-help economy

Verma  highlighted the importance of preserving local traditions, culture, and biodiversity. By encouraging local youths and tourists to participate in local traditions, they contribute to biodiversity conservation, water conservation, and providing money to the rural economy. Tourism is one of the biggest job creators, providing jobs to the youth and giving them respect and empowerment.

Tamil Nadu is positioning itself as a hub for green manufacturing, with green resources like solar and wind energy, off-shore winds, and hydro from western ghats. This combination can enhance the competitive edge in the world's states and power the hospital sector on a sustainable basis.

Marat Melikyan, deputy head of mission for the Armenian embassy in India, emphasized the importance of sustainability in the hospitality sector, stating that it plays a significant role in global carbon emissions and must mitigate its environmental impact. Ameya Prabhu, president of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of preserving natural beauty through sustainability.