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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

International panelists  discuss women issues at SSE

International panelists discuss women issues at SSE

On the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD) titled “Empowering Women through the Eyes of the Empowered Women,” held at SSE, international guests Ms. Yvonne Ntiamoah - Academic Advisor, University of the Creative Arts, UK, Dr. Ponni M. Concesso - Founder & Principal Architect, Oscar & Ponni Architect, Chennai, Ms. Nashid Chowdhury - Investment and Trade Commissioner - India – Out, Government of Western Australia and Ms. Gunit Single - Director Business Growth, Uncle Sam's Kitchen Group were invited as panelists to share their experience, views and ideologies on “Embracing Equity”. 

Ms. Sonu Hemani - Senior Partnerships Officer (India), Global Engagement, King's College London acted as an excellent moderator of the panel discussion. Dr. Chadaram Shivaji - Vice-Chancellor of SIMATS, Dr. Ramya Deepak - Director of SSE, and Dr.B. Ramesh – Principal of SSE were present during the panel discussion.