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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Invoking the Goondas Act:  A Welcome Move

Invoking the Goondas Act: A Welcome Move

The police, who have occasionally resorted to the Goondas Act to curb crime, are now increasingly using it. Particularly the Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sandeep Roy Rathore has started to spin this whip. 
In Chennai alone, a total of 585 criminals have been arrested under the Goondas Act from January 1 to May 26. In the last 2 weeks alone, 89 people have been jailed under the Goondas Act. These included 2 women.
If a person is arrested under this Act, he can be imprisoned for 12 months consecutively. No inquiry is required of him. No bail will be granted.
Although measures are taken under the regular sections to prevent more crimes that threaten the public, the Goondas Act goes a long way in cracking down on those who engage in serial crimes.
Like Chennai, other cities and districts should take up the Goondas  Act with non-discrimination to make criminals afraid of committing crimes.