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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Is BJP presenting Rajini in the political field?

Is BJP presenting Rajini in the political field?

It is a common occurrence that actor Rajini announces his entry into politics and then backtracks. On December 31, 2017, he announced that he would contest in 234 constituencies in the next assembly election by starting a separate party. Then, as usual, he backtracked to the disappointment of his fans.

Rajinikanth suddenly met Tamil Nadu Governor R.N Ravi yesterday and had a conversation for half an hour. Later, he met the reporters and said that both of them had discussed about politics but that he was not going to enter politics. However, political commentators consider the meeting between the two as very important. Because there is a doubt that this is a diplomacy orchestrated by the BJP.

The BJP, which is trying to gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu, has tried to lure Rajini to their side in the past. Is the meeting with Governor R.N Ravi an attempt to pull Rajini back? begs the question. Rajinikanth was recently honored with the DadasahebPhalke Award by the Union Government. It is in this context that this meeting is predicted to have political significance.

Is the BJP planning to face the parliamentary elections by joining the scattered AIADMK groups under the leadership of Rajinikanth? It is nothing new for the BJP to move the chess pieces in the state in order to position itself. 

This gambling is being conducted in all the states where BJP is not the ruling party. 
But can BJP pull Rajini into Tamil Nadu politics? It seems like a big question before ourselves. There is no mistake in BJP trying to turn it into an exclamation mark. But shouldn't it become a story about trusting the mud horse and going down the river?Will Rajini make a splash again? Let's wait and see!