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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Is it fair to freeze GST balance?

Is it fair to freeze GST balance?

After Narendra Modi-led BJP came to power, GST has been imposed on all goods. As a result, the price of all commodities, including food, has risen sharply, affecting the common people.

Currently, India is facing a severe economic crisis and GST has been imposed on products such as rice, pulses and milk. GST has also increased on many items. The Union Government is delaying the payment of the share due to the states in the GST tax which is being exploited from the people. Especially when states like Tamil Nadu are giving GST tax to the Union Government in a large amount. Due to non-payment of share to Tamil Nadu, many welfare projects have not been implemented. Almost all non-BJP ruled states are dealt in this way.

In this situation, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has turned furious. ``Fall at BJP's feet and beg for GST amount? Are we living in a democracy? Has India become a one-party state?” she blurted. She was so enraged that she warned,” we can also suspend payment of GST tax”.

Union Government
The Union Government should disburse the GST amount of the states without delay. This is because the state governments are implementing various welfare schemes with huge amount like GST. That is why the state governments are raising the war flag to cancel GST. It is not right for the Union Government to keep the arrears due to the states and delay them. 

No matter how many children you have, a mother is the one who sees them all the same. Similarly, the Union Government should show compassion towards its children, the State Governments. There should be no discrimination between ruling party states and other party states. The Union Government should ensure that there is no allegation of discrimination.

The Union Government should immediately come forward to pay the GST arrears due to the states. The delay will affect the development of the state. There is no need for controversy. 
Let the people of the state live prosperously!