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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Is it right to Waste so much Food?

Is it right to Waste so much Food?

We say that it is a matter of concern that many people are dying without food amid fears that the availability of food items will become scarce due to many factors such as price rise, inflation, unemployment, shortage of cash, damage to agriculture. 
Moreover, many people in poor countries are unable to eat even two square meals a day to their satisfaction.But shocking news has come out with proof that no one takes the issue of food wastage seriously.

Can you believe that even though there is a trend of food wastage all over the world, every Indian on an average wastes 50 kg of food every year? Yes; this is the truth. The statistics are not only surprising but also shocking.This puts India second in the list of countries that waste food most negatively.

According to the United Nations Food Waste Index Report 2021, it may come as a shock that 61 percent of the food wasted in India takes place in our kitchens. Statistics show that 69 lakh kg of food is thrown away uneaten every day in Mumbai.China is the number one food waster. 91 million tonnes of food is wasted here every year. The impact of food wastage is not only a moral issue but also an environmental concern. This means that the top two countries in terms of population are also ranked in the same order in terms of food wastage.

A strong emphasis on hospitality in cultural heritage India and China may also be a major factor in food wastage. Cooking too many ingredients and cooking too many types of food at the same time seem to contribute to food waste.
At all times, somewhere in the world, food shortages are rampant. We also hear that children are especially starving. 

Food that goes to waste should go to those who don’t have it. Apart from these, food items are wasted in many ways such as transportation of agricultural products, rotting of products, and if they reach the needy people, the word “starvation” becomes useless.
It is imperative that we completely avoid wasting food in the first place!