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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Is Super Star Rajini becoming a Governor?

Is Super Star Rajini becoming a Governor?

The news that Super Star Rajinikanth is going to be appointed as a Governor has become a matter of intense debate in Tamil Nadu.

While the BJP has embarked on a mission to strengthen its presence in Tamilnadu it has also formulated strategies to increase its vote share. Rajini is the first choice in this effort.

Unlike in the past now efforts are directed to fully utilise the Super Star. News leaks indicate that it is for this reason Rajini is being enticed with the Governor's post. Even if Rajini want to avoid this  BJP is in no mood to leave him alone.

Although Rajini may avoid speaking in party meetings it is their game plan to make him speak in non party platforms during the election time.

But BJP is said to seriously contemplate  making him the Governor of a state.
Two weeks back India Today magazine wrote that Rajini was likely to be appointed as the Governor of Tamilnadu. But off late it is being said that be would be made rhe Governor of Karnataka.

Anyhow let  the Super Star of Tamilnadu get the the Governor's post. If he gets tne post then it is a honour to him beyond politics. And it is a happy news for the people of Tamilnadu.

But doubts exist whether this would become a reality. From floating a party to announcing that he will contest in all the constituencies and doing a volts face the very next day and withdrawing from politics, Rajinikanth only evokes the imagery of a mud horse immersed in water.

It is a puzzle whether Rajini is dependent on BJP or BJP is dependent on Rajinikanth.
Let Rajini take a firm decision hereafter.