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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

Is the Presidential  election a prelude for 2024 general election?

Is the Presidential election a prelude for 2024 general election?

The election for the next President of the country is going to be held on July 18.
The BJP and opposition parties are evaluating the prospective candidates. 
543 Loksabha MPs and 233 Rajya sabha  MPs and 4,033 MLAs comprise the electoral college of 4,809 persons. Based on the value of total votes a minimum of 51 percent votes are needed. But BJP has less than  50 percent  votes.
Hence the BJP is soliciting support from big regional parties. If  it gets the required support a person who would be supportive can become the President.

At the same time  on the opposite side there are talks of fielding a common candidate. Sonia Gandhi has given consent for having a common candidate. In this connection Congress senior leader, Malikarjun Karge has met Nationalist  Congress leader Sharad Pawar, Communist Party of India's President Binoy Hiawath. They are also in favour of a common candidate. Karge has said he would also meet Shiva Sena President and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uthav Thakere, Trinamool Congress and other party leaders. On arriving at a consensus the decision on the common candidate will be announced said Karge.

However based on Lok Sabha and MLAs strength, BJP has maximum strength. Hence the candidate fielded by BJP is poised to win say observers.There will be stiff competition if the parties not in BJP alliance support the Congress and opposition parties' common candidate.Against this there is intense expectations about the possible candidates of the BJP and opposition parties If the entire opposition come together and the common candidate wins, it would be considered a big change and can be a prelude for the 2024 general election say political observers.

Besides politics, it is the collective wish of the people of the country that a neutral person  who would not remain silent when the rullers commit mistakes is much needed.