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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

IT firms shifting to Tamil Nadu

IT firms shifting to Tamil Nadu

Religious issues have been on the rise in BJP-ruled Karnataka in recent times. The issue of hijab has erupted and Muslims have been banned from running shops near Hindu temples. Following that, the Shriram Sena organisation raised the issue by condemning the recitation of loudspeakers in mosques. Subsequent religious activities have caused a stir among the people of Karnataka.

It has also been reported that companies, including IT firms, want to relocate from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu because of the growing tension in the BJP ruled state due to communalism. Thus Karnataka Chief minister Basavaraj Bommia is dissatisfied. Meanwhile, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, chairman of Biocon, a Bangalore-based pharmaceutical company, has criticised the BJP government in Karnataka. "We must not allow communal acts. If communalism invades the fields of information technology and biotechnology, it will destroy our global leadership.

 Therefore, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai should take appropriate steps to address the growing religious divide, ”he said.

Recently, while addressing the Karnataka Legislative Council, the government whip Prakash K Rathod said that many companies that were earlier fond of investing in Karnataka are now shifting towards Tamil Nadu.   

At the same time, Tamil Nadu has been experiencing tremendous growth in various fields since the DMK government headed by Chief Minister MK Stalin took office in Tamil Nadu. According to figures from the Department of Industry and Domestic Trade Development under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Tamil Nadu's share of India's foreign direct investment growth has increased from 4 percent to 5 percent. Overall, FDI inflows into India fell by 16 per cent to Rs 3,19,976 crore, but Tamil Nadu has grown to become a leading state in attracting investors after the DMK government took over.

This shows that religious harmony in Tamil Nadu is being maintained by all religions. Chief Minister MK Stalin is waiting with open arms to welcome the foreign investments with the assurance that the government will provide all possible assistance not only to domestic companies but also to foreign companies.
Let the businesses bloom in Tamil Nadu!