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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

It's important for Management Institutes to listen to Market Constantly

It's important for Management Institutes to listen to Market Constantly

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan, Dean at Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai shared his views on the institute’s vision & mission and how the institute continuously focuses on innovation. He said "At Great Lakes Chennai, we take pride in our agility and innovation. 

Sharing insights on Great Lakes Chennai's community engagement efforts, Dr. Ramanathan shared, "At Great Lakes Chennai, we consider our role in society as more than just educators; we are dedicated to serving the larger community. As educators, we embrace forward-thinking ideas that promote diversity and equality, fostering a culture within our organization that reflects these values."

Speaking about the ENCORE initiative, a Professional Certificate Program for Digital Marketing designed exclusively for women, he said, "The ENCORE program is designed for all women, but particularly those who have taken a break from the workforce for various reasons. Our goal is to encourage women to re-enter the workforce, with a strong focus on reaching as many women as possible."

Dr. Ramanathan on the intersection of business and innovation, said, “The integration of AI tools such as Chat GPT, a prime example of generative AI, empowers us to refine our sales and marketing strategies."

"Our vision for the future extends beyond mere expansion. We aim to excel in our core mission before considering growth, including launching a pioneering PhD program to foster new knowledge through cutting-edge research",Dr.Ramanathan further added.