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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

K.N Nehru inaugurates new drinking water scheme

K.N Nehru inaugurates new drinking water scheme

A drinking water project work providing door to door pipeline connectionsfor eight habitations in the tourist town of Yercaud was inaugurated by K.N Nehru, the Minister of Administration on Sunday.

Inaugurating the project, the minister K.N Nehru said despite the financial shortages due to various reasons including the corona virus infection, the Tamilnadu Government was doing a good job of fulfilling the election promises. Drinking water project works have been started for habitations residences namely Kasikkal, Murugan Nagar, Jerinakadu and Ondikkadai at an estimated cost of Rs.10.77 crore.

The minister said 6 open wells are dug in the areas around Yercaud Lake, water is pumped from these wells and collected in a ground level reservoir with a capacity of 1.65 lakh liter through a 2.08 km long pipe. Then from there the water is brought to aeration and purified through a 1.24 km long suction pipe. The treated drinking water is collected in a ground level reservoir with a capacity of 1.65 lakh liters and from there it is transported to the upper reservoirs through 11.44 km long water pipes.

Drinking water is then transported through distribution pipes and household connections. These works are the most important undertaken by the Tamil Nadu Drinking Water and Drainage Board. Especially, they have done these works very well for the hill dwellers.

The minister further said that , purchase of Patta has been banned in areas including Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud. But the Government Secretary and the District Collector have said that if the public provides the necessary evidence, permission will be obtained from the government. Therefore, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin's Government is working diligently to meet the needs of the public, said Mnicipal Administration Minister K.N Nehru.

On this occasion, were present several officials and elected representatives including, Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department Additional Chief Secretary Mr. Shiv Das Meena, E.A.P., Tamil Nadu Drinking Water and Drainage Board Management Director Mr. V. Dakshinamurthy, Salem District Collector Mr. . Karmegam, Salem North Assembly Member Mr.R.Rajendran, Member of Legislative Assembly Mr. S. R. Sivalingam and Yercaud Union Secretary Raja.