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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Kanakeswari: A role model for students

Kanakeswari: A role model for students

Many think children of educated, urban, rich or upper caste parents  would alone attain top position in the society.  But,  the additional SP A Kanakeswari of Erode district, looking into crimes against women and children, negated such thoughts. Her theme is 'when there is a will there's a way to attain great success.'

She is native of a village near Sangagiri in Salem district and studied in a government school. Her parents are neither rich nor much erudite.  They didn't have any dream about her career.  After completing plus 2 in 1993, they didn't allow her to go to college to Salem or Erode for further studies. Normally, in those days in rural areas, sending girls out of station for studies was not encouraged.  

So, she struck an idea to join distance education. Then,  she got parents nod to study B.Com while in house.  She herself prepared for her studies by referring various books as there was no internet, laptop or smart phone in those days. In similar way, she pursued M Com and MBA without any motivation or attending any career guidance programme as existed in colleges. 

Within a short span of one month's preparation after studies, she attended VAO exam and didn't get success and attended TNPSC Group 2 Co-op auditor post. At that time only she went to a coaching centre. She attended model tests seriously and got success. Along with her 76 passed in TN but none studied (correspondence course) like her. Then, she got married and has a baby. When her 2nd baby was just one month old, her husband  without her nod sent an application with her digital signature for TNPSC Group 1 exam.  She was aghast. Her husband motivated her that she would get success.

Then,  she went to Chennai to prepare for the exam where many professional degree holders were preparing for it.  For her, Chennai itself from Salem was a far flung one. She feared to face exam as 'doctor's son/daughter can become doctor. Similarly, engineers, teachers etc.  But, she didn't have any background. However, she didn't lose hope. Her mode of studies in correspondence course helped her to prepare well for the exam, got success, appointed as DSP and got promotion as additional SP. 

She says ''nothing would prevent one to attain top position if one worked hard with full commitment, ambition and perseverance. But, unfortunately they were distracted to unwanted things like cell phone, cinema etc.  They should take good things only and not deviate from their goals., she advised.