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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Kanimozhi gets ready for LS  election  campaign

Kanimozhi gets ready for LS election campaign

With the MP elections approaching, DMK's ambitious plans are accelerating. This time, they say that Kanimozhi has a lot of chances to contest in Thoothukudi constituency.  Kanimozhiand Udhayanidhi combine are expected to lead DMK's campaigns all over Tamil Nadu.
Moreover, it is believed that Kanimozhi's campaign will be of great help to completely break those strategies while the opposition parties are planning to do politics with the women's rights scheme. Regarding the last election, Kanimozhi's role in DMK's victory was immense and immeasurable. Full of commitment.Kanimozhi was also one of the first to take up the two problems that rocked Tamil Nadu, namely the Pollachi and Satankulam incidents.
Even now Kanimozhi's approach is getting people's attention. On the one hand, she is anti-BJP and on the other, he is active. More importantly, the recent women's conference has also brought back the focus on Kanimozhi at the national level.
AIADMK currently does not have female speakers who can speak like Kanimozhi. Therefore, the fact that Kanimozhi's strength is currently increasing to the extent that it has significantly gained women's votes in the DMK is seen as a plus point. Similarly, Kanimozhi's stance is firm on the issue of anti-BJP
.Even now, reporters asked Kanimozhi about Annamalai. When asked if Annamalai had said that "there will be no such thing as freebies the day BJP comes to power", she coolly replied, "If it comes to power? Let's see if BJP comes to power."
So, KanimozhiKarunanidhi is preparing for the MP elections with anti-BJP on one side plus  women's votes on the other and welfare assistance. AIADMK and BJP parties are closely monitoring this.There is no doubt that Kanimozhi MP's campaign will be great for the DMK alliance!