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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

KMDK chides  Anbumani's stand on ryots lift irrigation sangam

KMDK chides Anbumani's stand on ryots lift irrigation sangam

KMDK state general secretary and MLA ER Eswaran chided PMK MP  Anbumani Ramadoss for criticising the farmers lift irrigation sangams in the Kongu region using surplus water of the Cauvery river.

In a release, he said unlike the ryots of the delta region, the ryots of Erode, Namakkal and Karur districts spent much for cultivation. Despite digging of 1500 feet deep wells, water is scarce throughout the Kongu Zone.  It is the duty of the government to provide water for agriculture. 

The lift irrigation improves ground water in the area by carrying water from the banks of the river for several kilometers.  Through it the people living there get drinking water. 
The government allows farmers to fetch water from the banks of the Cauvery for only 8 months of the year where water flow was more. Farmers, mostly small and marginal, use such water to irrigate their dry lands at their own expense.   

Dr.  Anbumani Ramadas should visit arid areas of the districts and hear the views of the poor farmers there.  So,  he should not criticize the activities of hundreds of farmers who have formed the sangams without fully knowing the facts. In fact, the government and political party leaders should encourage them to take out loans for irrigation at their own expenses, he pleaded.