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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Knitted garments and textile manufacturers in dire straits

Knitted garments and textile manufacturers in dire straits

Unable to bear the skyrocketing yarn price increase, the Tirupur knitted garment makers, textile manufacturers all over the state, and trade unions have begun a two days general strike. Knitted garment and textile makers are participating in full strength.

Yarn is the main raw material for garment and textile manufacture. Price increase over the last few months has caused severe disillusionment. The increase in the price by Rs.40 this month took the stakeholders to the heights of frustration. In a historic hike the price of a cotton candy (356 kgs) crossed Rs. 1 lakh and it is feared that it would further spiral up in the comming days too.

Who is to be blamed for the situation? It is said that the Modi government's wrong policies caused the problem. Cotton Corporation of India should procure cotton from farmers and distribute it to the textile manufacturers. But the BJP government stopped Cotton Corporation of India's procurement from farmers. Hence the international and local corporate organisations and online traders bought cotton on wholesale, hoarded it and created artificial shortage. This is the main reason for the historic price hike. What could be the solution for this crisis? Cotton should be included in the essential commodities list. It is for this the knitted garment and textile manufacturers began the protest.

Fourteen districts including Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode where textiles is a major business have been affected due to the increase in yarn price. Hence the Central Government should revert to the previous procurement mode through Cotton Corporation of India.    Cotton should be procured at an affordable rate and supplied to textile mills round the year ensuring supply continuity. Online trading which creates artificial shortage must be banned. Exports of cotton and yarn should also be banned. Will the BJP Union Government listen?