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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kodanad murder case EPS Delhi trip!

Kodanad murder case EPS Delhi trip!

In 2017, incidents of robbery and murder took place at Koda Nadu bungalow owned by late former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Jayalalitha's ex-driver Kanagaraj, who was involved in the murder and robbery, died mysteriously. A total of 10 people were arrested in this case. Another 316 people were interrogated.

Currently, a 49-member CBCID team is investigating the case. The investigation is nearing its end. Last week, an interim report was filed in the Utagai court in this case. Dhanapal, brother of Jayalalithaa's driver Kanagaraj, who died mysteriously in this case, has revealed various startling information to the media. He is also making an urgent demand to conduct an inquiry against former Chief Minister and AIADMK General Secretary EdappadiPalaniswami.

But Palaniswami's side is denying this. Meanwhile, Dhanapal has already been questioned and has been summoned to appear before the CBCID today.

EdappadiPalaniswami has gone to Delhi today in thissituation. Even though the AIADMK has informed that it will talk to J. Nadda and Amit Shah about the seat allocation, what is the urgency when the election date has not yet been announced? The question is also raised.
Yes, EdappadiPalaniswami is not going to talk only about constituency distribution. 

There has been a stir in the political arena of Tamil Nadu that he has gone to Delhi in search of an escape route as the Koda Nadu murder & robbery case investigation is moving towards him.Political observers predict that EdappadiPalaniswami may request that the Koda Nadu case be transferred to the CBI during his meeting with Amit Shah. 

Transferring to a CBI probe is unlikely to happen immediately, even if Amit Shah thinks so.
This is because the state government's permission or the Supreme Court's order to transfer the investigation to the CBI is required. Neither of these can happen immediately.
In this case, it is expected that Dhanapal, who will appear before the CBCID police today, will give various startling information in the Koda Nadu murder & robbery case as his confession. It is certain that he will again demand that EdappadiPalaniswami be investigated.

In the next step, the CBCID police will summon EdappadiPalaniswami to appear for questioning. This is sure to happen.What happens next?