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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

Kulalars plea to provide pot  along with Pongal package

Kulalars plea to provide pot along with Pongal package

Tamil Nadu Pottery Workers (Kulalar) Association has requested Tamil Nadu government to provide clay pots along with Pongal package during the upcoming Pongal festival to all ration cardholders in the state.

 In his petition to collector at the collectorate, association district president S Kanagaraj said ''every year Tamil Nadu government provides free food items for making Pongal, including rice, cardamom, jaggery, ghee, sugarcane, to people. From this year onwards, if the government provides new rice, with new pot and oven made up of clay to cook Pongal, people would cook pongal in traditional way according to Tamil culture.

It would indirectly create job opportunity to lakhs of potters in the state including 30000 workers in Erode district.  He also pleaded to provide rainy season allowance to all members of TN potters welfare association. Association  District Secretary Rajkumar, Treasurer Yuvraj and many others were present.