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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Kumaraguru Institutions to hold Techno Cultural Sports

Kumaraguru Institutions to hold Techno Cultural Sports

Kumaraguru Institutions inaugurated its 10th edition of Yugam, considered to be one of  South India's biggest techno-cultural sports fest on Thursday.Prof.Vijilesh, Asst.Dean - Student Affairs, KCT along with the student-team members Dhiksha,  Dhuruvan, Nishank, Anam Yusuf and Aadhil Sheriff, told Media the three-day Yugam fest (May19-21) is the euphoric locus where incredible opportunities collide with enthralling intellect.

One of the biggest techno-cultural sports fests in South India, Yugam was inaugurated in 2013 and since then, every year Yugam has brought joy, pleasure, excitement, and enthusiasm to people.

Kumaraguru is back in action with its 10th Edition this year. Kumaraguru is hosting 70+ events and 60+ workshops to provide a tremendous platform for students to demonstrate their remarkable skills, with over 15,000+ participants from 150+ colleges each year.

The Kumaraguru students have put months of thought, effort, sacrifice, and sleepless nights into making Yugam a triumph.The event includes Agrathon, Inspire India youth conclave,  e-Grid, Defence Career Expo, Socio Constant, Angadi, India Quiz, Thulir’21 – National Virtual Yogasana Championship,Yugam India Ideathin, Shark Tank, Career Fair, Annual Drama, AISA Awards, Proshow,