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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Legislative Assembly’s traditions must be  safeguarded

Legislative Assembly’s traditions must be safeguarded

The Governor's speech yesterday marked the start of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly's first session for the year. As per the Legislative Assembly's tradition, the Governor opens the meeting by reading a speech prepared by the state government. 
The address that the Tamil Nadu government had prepared was declined to be read by Governor R.N. Ravi. The governor objected to having his address read, citing many points of disagreement with the Tamil Nadu government's planned speech and the idea that the National Anthem should be sung first.
The Assembly Speaker M. Appavu then read the entire speech in Tamil. At that time the governor was sitting in the chamber. Then the National Anthem was played at the end. But Governor walked out of the House before the National Anthem was played, violating the tradition of the House to respect the National Anthem.
The long-standing tradition of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is the commencement of the session with the Tamil invocation(Tamil ThaiVazthu) greeting at the start of the legislative session and the playing of the national anthem at its conclusion. But the Governor's desire to change it does not seem to have happened randomly. The question arises as to whether the governor is enacting a pre-planned drama.
It is not acceptable that Governor acts continuously against the government elected by the people in violation of the constitutional norms.This is not the first time that the governor has behaved like this as last year also during the governor's speech, he gave flimsy reasons and left without reading the speech. He seems to think that he is repeatedly insulting the people of Tamil Nadu by insulting the House of Representatives elected by the people.
Although delisting speeches by opposition parties has been reported, this is the first time a governor's address has been done so. The Governor's primary duty, as stated in the Indian Constitution, is to facilitate information sharing and advice-giving between the Union and State governments. In the best interests of Tamil Nadu, the people of that state still want the governor to at least have good ties with the government.
The Legislature's traditions ought to be upheld. The nation's democracy will only then thrive!