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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Let achievements of Rishi Sunak  wishes to continue!

Let achievements of Rishi Sunak wishes to continue!

Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, was sworn in as the 57th Prime Minister of England yesterday. He has received various accolades including being the first Hindu Prime Minister, the first non-white Prime Minister, and the first Indian-origin Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak addresses the nation after being sworn in as the Prime Minister of England. While he was speaking, England is also facing various economic problems due to the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Don't fear that strict regulations and procedures will be implemented to recover from this. The activities of the government will be based on the welfare of the people and the interests of the traders. I will find solutions to the challenges the country is facing. I will unite the country. Not just words. I will unite the country through action. I will work for you day and night. I have earned the confidence of the Conservatives. Next I will gain people's trust.

I now recall the achievements of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Congratulating him on his achievements and generosity, the young Prime Minister is expressing himself like a seasoned man.
Rishi Sunik's Indian heritage is something every Indian can be proud of. It is true that our Prime Minister Modi has said that the relationship with England, which is already India's ally, will be very close from now on. Will Rishi Sunik lose his personal affection for India?

Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister is an achievement. According to him, let England move towards a prosperous future. There is no doubt that Rishi Sunik will create new achievements as expected by the people of the country and the economy of England will be revived. Congratulations to the new Prime Minister!