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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Let harmony flourish  by the Governor's  explanation

Let harmony flourish by the Governor's explanation

Governor R.N Ravi's speech at an event held at the Governor's House in the first week of January kicked off a huge controversy in Tamil Nadu. The whole state boiled because he said that it would be more correct to say Tamizhagam than Tamil Nadu.

Two weeks after this controversy, the Governor has issued an explanation, the interpretation of which has also become controversial. The Governor’s office statement says, ``Tamil Nadu was  a word  not used in ancient times, so I used the word Tamizhagam to denote the connection of Tamil people with Kashi'' .``This explanation was aimed to put an end to this controversy''.

But this explanation did not satisfy the political party leaders who had been criticizing the governor so far. Their demand remains that the Governor should apologize publicly.  They are also pointing to the evidence that the word Tamil Nadu has been in vogue in ancient literature.

Looking at the governor's explanation, it seems to be an elusive answer. When the controversy was already heating up, the governor had questionably mentioned ``Tamizhagam'' in the Pongal invitation. The governor did not give an explanation.  His explanation smacks off as reactionist and has turned into a talking point once. The explanation however indicates that Governor R.N Ravi has realized his mistake. In that sense, his stance is welcome.

And without prolonging the conflict, it is better to put an end as the governor says he has put in his explanation. For good will and trust to prevail the Governor R.N Ravi should immediately approve the bills of the Tamil Nadu government, including the online gambling ban law, exemption from NEET examination, and he should at least become a person who respects the sentiments of Tamils.  The ongoing conflict with the Tamil Nadu government and the Chief Minister should also be put to an end. A climate should be created where Tamil Nadu congratulates the Governor. May the good times be born!