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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Let Rahul Gandhi’s Padayatra be a success!

Ask who is a worthy national leader to stand up against BJP, the ruling party? Undoubtedly it is Rahul Gandhi, the former Congress leader and Member of Parliament for now. He is also a leader who confronts the BJP government and criticizes it boldly. He says he will not fear an Enforcement Department raid or investigation.
There is an impression that the Congress is weak.

In an effort to restore it, Rahul Gandhi is going to undertake a ``National Unity Journey'' from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He is going to travel around 150 days in 12 states. The inaugural function will be held tomorrow (7th September) in front of Kanyakumari Gandhi Mandapam. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin will present the national flag to Rahul Gandhi and inaugurate the padayatra.

Rahul Gandhi has planned to meet one crore people through this 150-day PadaYatra. The Congress party hopes that Rahul Gandhi's foot pilgrimage will stabilize the rift within the Congress party and its influence among the masses.

Will this yatra against BJP pay off for Congress? Will it affect the growth of BJP? We will have to wait for the 2024 general elections.Let alone who will reign again in the Centre. The Congress party should be strengthened to rein in the untied (majority) horse of the ruling BJP government. Only then will parliamentary democracy flourish. May Rahul Gandhi's padayatra be successful!