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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Let reservation in private sector blossom

Let reservation in private sector blossom

Reservation for education and jobs in private organizations is long term demand which is still pending. 
Giving a new life to this demand was the voicing of the demand in the state assembly during the financial allocation session. 

With the Union Government privatizing public sector organizations, the Tamilnadu Chief Minister has embarked on measures aimed at protecting the social justice of workers in the private organizations. This is a welcome step.

Even in developed countries like USA, to ensure the black ethnic people’s development and progress, reservation system is enforced in private organisations.

Given that the private organisations enjoy Government’s subsidies and privileges, the companies must have realized that these are from the tax paying people’s money and should have practiced reservation voluntarily. Laws are needed to regulate this. There will certainly be good results to the efforts taken by Chief Minister M.K Stalin in this direction.