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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Let’s hail Chief Minister Stalin's great people work!

Let’s hail Chief Minister Stalin's great people work!

DMK President M.K.Stalin, during his election campaign, announced an innovative scheme called 'M.K.Stalin in your constituency' and promised to implement it in 100 days. When he came to power and became the Chief Minister, he immediately took action to resolve those demands and succeeded

He studied the demands of the public and fulfilled them himself. Chief Minister M.K.Stalin continues the work of the people.He is constantly trying to resolve people's grievances through many activities like ``Chief Minister in Your Constituency''. He has accelerated the Ministers and Officials in that work.

As part of it, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has written a letter to all the MLAs. It is a letter promising to fulfill the demands. In it he has asked them to send a list of 10 major demands of their constituency which have been pending for a long time.

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has mentioned in the letter that the purpose of this letter is to take Tamil Nadu on the path of development. It is not an exaggeration to say that this letter was written by him to the MLAs of all parties, not only the ruling party. 

This is an example of Chief Minister M.K.Stalin who thinks and acts from angles that no other Chief Minister thinks.   In addition to this, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, has visited Coimbatore today. At one event, he has provided Government welfare assistance to 1,07,069 beneficiaries. 

This is not an ordinary thing; it is a great people's work indeed. The people of Coimbatore celebrate this as the biggest and best Government festival of the country.

This is also an achievement of Chief Minister 
M. K. Stalin. Tamil Nadu is proud to have him as Chief Minister; Congratulations!