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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Let's protect the children!

Let's protect the children!

Sexual crimes against children have been on the rise in recent times. Most of the perpetrators of these crimes are relatives or acquaintances of the child victims. It is distressing that elderly people above the age of 60 are also involved in this evil practice.

Carelessness of parents is the main reason for such incidents. Especially girls should be protected no matter how old they are. Because lustful monsters roam like vultures hunting for chicks.

Lack of fear of punishment for sex crimes is also a reason for the increase in crime.Even though the police have taken action through the POCSO Act, sexual crimes have not decreased. It also raises the question of whether the penalties should be made more severe. 

Also, the current delay in punishing sex offenders should not be allowed.Only 15 districts in Tamil Nadu have POCSO courts. Out of 14,380 cases under the POCSO Act, 7,187 cases are still pending. The backlog of cases should be reduced significantly.

Sometimes sex offenders play with children's lives. It is imperative to take drastic measures to reduce sexual crimes against children and protect children. It is very urgent. Therefore, according to the Supreme Court order, POCSO courts should be started immediately in all districts. Courts and government should ensure that sex offenders are punished promptly.