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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Let the Pen shaped monument for Kalaignar be established

Let the Pen shaped monument for Kalaignar be established

Kalaignar Karunanidhi was the one who picked up a pen at the age of 13, lived for Tamil till the age of 95 and passed away. He (Muthamizharignar) was celebrated as a Tamil leader; is being celebrated.
“Anyone can take away my scepter. But no one can take away the pen,” said the emperor of the writing world with confidence. It was Kalaignar who crowned the Tamil nation by erecting a statue of Valluvan in the capital city of Chennai and a 133 feet high statue of the same Valluvan in Kumari.

The Tamil Nadu government has decided to set up a pen symbol on the Marina beach to commemorate such an artist. When the public opinion meeting was held regarding it, many people expressed their opinions in support and against. But NaamTamilar Party leader Seeman, showing that he knows how to speak passionately, said, ``I will break it''. Minister ShekharBabu responded by saying, ``If Seeman breaks, will our hands be full of flowers?''

Seeman, who opposes this project, while the union government has put up a statue of Vallabhbhai Patel with tens of billions of people's money, why is he not talking about it?The 'Pen' monument was not built several miles into the sea. It is set within 360 meters. According to intellectuals like Seeman, there cannot be only fishing villages on the coast. Ports cannot exist.

All the existing ports should be broken. Will seeman break? They themselves will say tomorrow that if fishermen go fishing, the marine resources are affected. It was reported that the rare species of sea cow, Siddam, was caught in the ordinary nets of Rameswaram fishermen. So would fishermen no longer use nets?

BJP has drafted the new National Fisheries Regulation Act. What is the justification for these people who do not dare to fight against the government's law that crushes the fishermen, and speak against the Kalaignar’s pen?- The Tamil Nadu government is more concerned about protecting the environment than these people.The pen icon is environmentally friendly. The whole of Tamil Nadu is waiting for it to be established!